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RC Helicopters Buyer's Guide

"Helping You Choose The Right Helicopter!"

This guide will take less than 5 minutes to read.

It is important that you understand the basics of remote control helicopters before purchasing for yourself or for a loved one! Following our simple guide will help you make the right decision.

Types of Remote Control Helicopters

  • Coaxial Helicopters

    Suitable for Beginners. These remote control helicopters have 2 sets of blades(upper blades and lower blades). The blades spin in opposite directions both creating lift. Coaxials are extremely stable which is great for beginners.

    Dont be mistaken though, they can fly at very fast speeds. If you are looking for a present for a child or a first timer, we recommend looking at the coaxial helicopter in our store. They come in all different sizes, choosing a size depends on where you intend to fly the helicopter.

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  • Single Blade Helicopters

    These helicopters look like real life helicopters with just 1 set of blades and a tail rotor which steers the helicopter. They move faster than coaxials and some models can perform aerobatics. Whilst they are generally stable in flight, the skill level required is greater compared to coaxials.

    Single blade helis are suitable for those who have flown a coaxial before. As mentioned earlier, if you haven't flown before, it's best to stick with a co-axial helicopter until you are completel y comfortable with them.

    Trust us, you will have a great time with a coaxial and you will learn much faster. After that, you should progress to a single blade helicopter for more advanced flying.

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  • Quadcopters

    Suitable for Intermediates+. Quadcopters are also known as drones have 4 blades joined by a centre piece or body. They are extremely stable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

    Whilst they are stable, quadcopters can fly very fast and care must always be taken when learning to fly!

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What Are Channels?

Channels indicate the number of control functions. The image below will shows the difference between 3 and 4 channel helicopters

  • 2 Channel Helicopters - can fly in 2 channels. up/down, yaw left/yaw right.
  • 3 Channel Helicopters - can fly in 3 channels. up/down, yaw left/yaw right, forward/backwards.
  • 4 Channel Helicopters - can fly in 4 channels. up/down, yaw left/yaw right, forward/backwards, roll left/roll right.
  • 6 Channel Helicopters - can do all of the above, plus they have the ability to fly upside down. Also known as full 3D flight. This is something you will need to build up to.

How Many Channels Should I Get?

3 channels at a minimum. Infact we only stock helicopters with 3 channels or more! For beginners - you can either get 3 channel or 4 channel. Just be sure to get a coaxial as a beginner will appreciate the stability whilst learning. Remember, it's the coaxial blades that give the helicopter its stability, the channels indicate its manoeuverability! The more channels, the more advanced you can fly it.

What Size Should I Get?

This is a very important question - Where will the helicopter be flown? If you have a big outdoor area to fly your helicopter, then consider getting a larger helicopter over the 50cm size. If you prefer to have a fly at home around the living room or in the shed, consider getting an agile smaller helicopter. On each product page, you will see details on whether you can fly that particular helicopter inside, outside or both. We stock helicopters from 16cm in size to monsters 134cm in size.

Spare Parts

It's important to purchase a remote control helicopter which has spare parts readily available. We stock spare parts for our entire range, so you need not worry. We also offer "crash repair kits" with each helicopter. The kits are packed with spare parts that you may need in the event of a crash. Purchasing a crash pack will allow you to have spare parts on hand and minimise the downtime.

Ask our friendly staff. We can be contacted by email, live chat or phone. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Remember - there are no questions too silly!

Got Questions?

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Manager's Picks

  • Beginner

    F103 Avatar Firewolf or Syma S107g Blitz

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  • Intermediate

    V959 Camera Quadcopter or F163 Giant Firewolf

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  • Advanced

    V913 Sky Dancer or V911 Banshee

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Can't decide? Why not get a gift voucher from our store! Let your loved one decide what they actually want.

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