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Common Questions

How long do remote control helicopters fly for?

- Small remote control helicopters fly from 7-10 minutes
- Medium sized helicopters fly from 9-12 mins
- Giant helicopters fly from 12-15mins
We carry spare batteries for most of our RC helicopters which can double your flying time.

How do I charge my remote control helicopter?

All helicopters come with either a usb charger or an AC wall adapter. Simply plug the usb charger into a computer or AC charger into wall socket and your helicopter will begin charging.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It varies. Smaller helicopters take as little as 30mins to charge whilst some giant helicopters will require 60mins for a full charge.

Will it break if I crash the helicopter?

That depends how hard it is crashed. Most RC Helicopters are built with all metal frames and highly flexible blades allowing them to often avoid serious crash damage. Of course, if a helicopter is crashed with heavy force, it could break, but most customers are surprised at how much punishment modern day RC helicopters can take. In most cases, a heavy crash will result in a broken blade which can easily be replaced. Check out the training gears, which can be your best friend if your a beginner.

How hard is it to fly?

With patience and concentration, most people can hover a coaxial in less than 15mins. In general, kids are much quicker at learning to fly than adults, but that shouldn't stop the oldies from trying! Fun for all ages!

What does the gyro do?

Flying a remote control helicopter without a gyro is incredibly difficult. The gyro dramatically increases stability. Basically, the gyro detects any sudden movements of the helicopter and will correct those movements and stop any violent movements. Especially important for the outdoor helicopters which can be affected by wind gusts.

What does 3Channel/4 Channel mean?

3 Channel means the helicopter moves in 3 ways - up/down, forward/back, spin left/spin right
4 Channel means the helicopter moves in 4 ways - up/down, forward/back, spin left/spin right, slide left/slide right.

Do you have spare parts for your helicopters?

Yes, we stock parts for all our helicopters and most are listed on our website under the spare parts section. You can check our spare parts category or you can email us at and we will send you a parts list.

What does coaxial mean?

Coaxial rotors have 2 sets of blades one above the other. They turn in opposite directions, both generate lift upwards but stop the helicopter from spinning around in circles due to angular momentum. Coaxials are ideal for beginners because they are stable, easy to hover and easy to trim. This allows you to concentrate more on tearing that helicopter around the sky!
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QLD Far North: 3-7 days
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